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Sail, travel, relax, open yourself to what is yours.
Open yourself to what is yours
Sail, travel, relax, open yourself to what is yours.
Why sail with us?
Everyday we wake up thinking of the sea and go to sleep dreaming of new adventures. We are here to share the beauty of this journey with you.
We are your mates
We're your crew, as well as your friends. Think of us as travel buddies who share your journey with you, who share every meal and every sunset with you. We will laugh and have a drink together. We will crack jokes, probably the bad kind.
There is no solid plan
We mean.. there is a route. We planned it, we tried it, we are responsible for it. But we don't have to stick to it! So, if one fine morning we wake up on an island and can't bare to leave it for the next stop - we can stay on longer. Or if we want to sail in the opposite direction - we can. Or dance naked by the moon... You get the picture. We are up for all of it :) That's how yachties are.
We love the ocean and are always doing our best to keep it as clean as possible. For as long as possible. So we use sails whenever we can in order to reduce emissions. We never - we mean never - leave any waste behind. We'll even stop to clean up after those who are less responsible.
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What our friends say
Definitely one of the best things that occurred to me ever! 7 days of fun and pleasure non-stop, new friends, great tan, fabulous memories.
Alyona Gaevskaya
Sailing on a yacht around the Greek islands is one of the best experiences ever. And I'm convinced that our trip was so successful particularly because we had Nikolay as our captain. Under his guidance, I gained invaluable experience as a sailor and literally learned the ropes of yacht rigging.
Highly recommend!
Eugene Mashnyanko
Designer at Kiselev.ua
My sailing trip with Nikolay was the best yachting experience yet. On his boat, you're not just a passenger, but a part of the crew, which allows you to learn lots about yachting. He also listens to the ideas and preferences of the entire group regarding the route and masterfully sails the boat. :)
Diana Eugenes
Environmental Professional
Two weeks on the yacht are the ones I will never forget. It is the best way to find out a lot about yourself and the world. Unfortunately I can't join guys this winter, but I'm looking forward for an August trip to Norway.

And it is the best way to propose to your girlfriend, which I did!
Viktor Ershov
Software engineer at Ciklum
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