FLEETit sails to greece
Ionian 43' race
The hardest part of winter is waiting for the sailing season. Usually we start somewhere at the and of May. But this spring, let's do something different. Ionian 43' race.

We take boats of 4 brands of the same size: 43 feet, and figure out which one is the best while racing through Ionian sea.

The weather wouldn't be too hot, the water is still too cold. So this is not a chill cruise week, this is a real race.

Welcome onboard, sailors!
adventure dates
April 21 – 28, 2018
We meet in Lefkas, and let the adventure begin.
Lefkas - Zakintos - Kefalonia - Itaka
We start at Lefkas and make our way through the ionian sea all the way Zakintos. On our way back we visit Kefalonia and Itaka.
4 islands
We will visit 4 islands. Each has its own history and things to see.
60 berths on board
We would like to see our friends on board. Book a berth, and bring your friend for an adventure.
7 days
The trip will take 1 week with 2 days stop on Kefalonia, as it has too much to see for just one day stay.
7 stops
Beginning in Lefkas we go through all the coolest spots of Ionian islands.
The price includes yacht charter, skipper work. Per crew member.
the map
Here is how our trip route looks like for some one who might look at us from the very top of the world.
During the trip we will visit:
4 mediterranean islands of Ionian archipelago.
The number one beach in Greece!
Archeological sites from the times of Troja.
Wild lagoons with beaches where we can be all to ourselves.
Let's Chat
How much does it cost:
What included in price:
- Yacht rental;
- Skipper;
- Perfect mood.
What are your additional expenses:
- Food, drinks and other entertainment. I expect it to be around 250 euros per person per week.
- Flight to where everything happens. The price depends on where are you flying from and to. Check "Skyscanner" or "Onetwotrip" apps to get the quote. You should fly to Athens, and than take a bus to Lefkas.
- Also there is a security deposit required for such chartered trips. It is 300 euros per crew member. It is being refunded upon check out from the yacht.
The ones who are going to share the adventure!

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 7500 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

CYCLADES 43.4 2008
SUN ODYSSEY 44i 2009
OCEANIS 43 2009
Why choose this adventure?
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Let's Rock & Roll
Day 1
Day 2
Itaka, Frikes.
Day 3
Day 4-5
Zakintos, Navagio.
Day 6
Itaka, Kioni.
Day 7