Medieval sailing: Faroe islands.
What if get back to the tall ship era. The age when white yachts were not invented yet, and no one could imagine such thing as an airplane. Also there was not such a thing as tourism. You wouldn't go traveling to the other side of the world just because you want to change the picture in your window.

Our tall ship will set the sails to cross the North Sea, and we will see something that only few could imagine when sea going vessels were like a spaceship now: fantastic, incredible, impossible.

This is a Faroe islands part of our Odyssey. Let's sail the places only few could reach — the toughest archipelagos in the North Sea: Orkney, Shetland, Faroe islands.
Adventure dates
July, 2021
We begin in Stromness, Orkneys islands, sailing to Shetland islands and Faroe islands, and then to the north-west Scotland.
10 days sailing
We will visit three toughest archipelagos: Orkneys, Shetlands, Faroe islands.
3 toughest archipelagos
Orkneys islands, Shetlands islands, Faroe islands
The price includes: accommodation in a double cabin on our barquentine, captains and crew work, food and soft drinks onboard, port fees and fuel.
the map
Here is how our sailing trip route looks like for some one who might look at us from the very top of the world.
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How much does it cost:
€1900 after 1st July, 2019. €2100 after 1st January, 2020. € 2500 1st July, 2020. €2900 1st January, 2021. €3400 1st May, 2021.
- Accomodation in a two berth cabin on a tall ship;
- Captains and crew work;
- Food and soft drinks onboard;
- Port fees;
- Fuel.
In addition you'll need to pay for:
- flight to Stromness and from Stornoway;
- onshore activities, excursions, bars;
- transfer from/to the airport (In Stromness there is hourly bus service: 3, 4 brings you from airport to tourist centre of Kirkwall, where you exchange to either X1 or X10 which bring you straight to the Stromness tourist center. It will take around one hour in total. In Stornoway the airport is just 20 minutes from the port. The W5 bus goes every hour from the sea port to the airport).
We start and finish this adventure in different spots, be careful while choosing the flight.
This part of adventure will begin in Stromness, Orkney islands, on [date] [hour]. Please keep in mind that logistics from the airport to the ship will take more than one hour.
Departure — STORNOWAY
This part of adventure will end in Stornoway, on [date] [hour]. Please keep in mind that logistics from the ship to the airport will take about 30 minutes.
Our Fleet
Barquentine Thalassa
Length: 165 feet
Showers: 15
Cabins: 15
Passengers: 30
Crew: 6
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Let's Rock & Roll
Day 1
After 20 hours of sailing cathedrals of Aberdeen will show up on the horizon.
Day 2
Day 3–4
Day 5
Day 7
Day 9
Day 10
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