Age of sails: The North Sea passage.
What if get back to the tall ship era. The age when white yachts were not invented yet, and no one could imagine such thing as an airplane. Also there was no tourism. You wouldn't go traveling to the other side of the world just because you want to change the picture in your window.

Our tall ship will set the sails to cross the North Sea, and we will see something that only few could imagine when sea going vessels were like a spaceship now: fantastic, incredible, impossible.
Adventure dates
June 29 – 9 July, 2021
We begin in Amsterdam, sailing to Terschelling, and then north-west towards Edinburgh and Orkney islands.
10 days sailing
We will cross the North sea from Amsterdam to Edinburgh, and visit Orkney islands.
6 medieval towns
Amsterdam, Terschelling, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Wick, Stromness.
The price includes: accommodation in a double cabin on our barquentine, captains and crew work, food and soft drinks onboard, port fees and fuel.
the map
Here is how our sailing trip route looks like for some one who might look at us from the very top of the world.
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How much does it cost:
€ 2200 1st July, 2019. 3000 1st March, 2021.
- Accommodation in a two berth cabin on a tall ship;
- Captains and crew work;
- Food and soft drinks onboard;
- Port fees;
- Fuel.
In addition you'll need to pay for:
- flight to Amsterdam and from Stromness;
- onshore activities, excursions, bars;
- transfer from/to the airport (in Amsterdam you will easily take a train that goes from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal where we would meet you and help to get to the local ferry which brings you to where our barquentine parked. In Stromness there is hourly bus service: X1, X10 brings you from Stromness tourist centre to Kirkwall tourist centre, where you exchange to either 3 or 4 which bring you straight to the airport. It will take around one hour in total).
We start and finish this adventure in different spots, be careful while choosing the flight.
Our barquentine will wait for you in Amsterdam on 29 th of June, 2021 till 9 PM. Please keep in mind that you will spend at least one hour to get to us from the airport.
Departure — STROMNESS
This part of adventure will end in Stromness, Orkney islands, on 9 th of July, 2021 at 9 AM. Please keep in mind that logistics from the ship to the airport will take more than one hour.
Our Fleet
Barquentine «Thalassa»
Length: 165 feet (50 meters)
Width: 27 feet (8 meters)
Showers: 15 (in every cabin)
Cabins: 15
Passengers: 30
Crew: 6
Why choose this ADVENTURE?
Look at our detailed plan
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Day 1
The beginning of our epic story will happen in the capital of the naval empire, Netherlands. We will leave the port once everyone is onboard, and welcome party will happen in the open sea on our way to island Terschelling.
Day 2
After 77 nautical miles from Amsterdam we will enter shallow Wadden sea. Medieval harbor in the Frisian islands archipelago will welcome us for one day until its time to leave for Scotland.
The island is a place where once began his life one of the greatest navigators, Willem Barentsz. We will also begin our great passage here.
Day 3–4
North Sea passage.
Like Vikings in the middle ages, and Dutch and English fleet at the age of sails, we will cross the waters of the North Sea.
320 nautical miles, or about 64 hours of a real sailing on the 50 meters barquentine.
During 2–3 days of the passage we will have enough time to practice classic sailing and navigation, watch sea life, play games and even party.
This is the most valuable time of any sea journey, as there is no internet connection or any other distraction of a modern world. You are surrounded with a beautiful scenery, and freshest air one can get on our planet. You can talk to your friend, or dive deep into your own thoughts for a days. Some would write a novel, some listen to favorite playlist. What would you do?
«Hey, there is something over the horizon! I see the land!» — Thats how it usually sounds after 60+ hours in the sea;)
Day 5
After hours in the open sea we enter the beautiful harbor of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. Its victorians streets will welcome us as they used to do hundreds of years ago.
Visit Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill, Old Town and Princess street. Now it is time to get back to our sailing fortress, and continue our voyage. Aberdeen is our next stop.
Day 7
Dunnottar Castle.
While sailing through the east coast of Scotland we will see one of its most famous medieval castles.
Dunnottar Castle is known from 1400 years ago. It was conquered dozens of times, and never from the water. So we also wouldn't able to enter it from the sea, will have to drop the anchor one mile north at the Stonehaven, and take a short ride, or long walk to the castle.
After 20 hours of sailing cathedrals of Aberdeen will show up on the horizon. They will definitely surprise us with its silver shiny walls. This happens because of the local granite having high mica concentration. This silver city is called an offshore oil capital of Europe, and have highly developed heli and sea ports. Famous Opp Macallan Distillery is just 1,5 hours away, so let's take couple bottles of Scotch on board to bring some more color to our late night dinners during sea passages .
Day 9
The Castle of Old Wick used to be a shelter and navigational aid for the North Sea fishermen over centuries.
Our last Great Britain town. Lets rest before heading to Orkney islands.
Day 10
Castle Sinclair Girnigoe.
Once it was a fortress, and even a prison, but now this is a gloomy medieval wreck located high on the rocky bay. We will sail next to it on our way to Orkney islands.
Duncansby Stacks.
A monumental huge rocky scenery on our way to Orkney islands.
The town was an important trading port for Hudson's Bay company and North Sea whalers for a while. It is still full of Inuit artifacts brought from the north of Canada and Greenland.
The Kirkwall airport, is 30 minutes away from the port, which makes it a perfect point for some one to jump on board before we leave the port towards Faroe islands!
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