FleetiT in Norway
Back from the Arctic.
In the old days in Norway, the sea was the main road. And the house was always near the water. Now there are hundreds of highways and bridges. But we will go to explore the ancient ways of the Vikings and seafarers. We will be surrounded by fjords, cliffs, fluffy green mountains, waves and sea eagles.

We will travel off the coast of Northern Norway on a real expedition yacht. It will be an adventure with the fervor of the Vikings and the tranquility of modern Norwegians. We will visit sea towns where only a few hundred people live. Climb into the dense forests and reserves to experience real peace. We will cross the Arctic Circle to breathe Arctic air.
4 – 18 July, 2020
Starting in Svolvær we will sail Lofoten archipelago. Then cross the arctic circle, and sail to Trondheim.
14 days on the yacht
Going through the west coast of Norway. Will discover northern towns and fishermen villages. Whales and puffins. Fjords and abandoned islands, places where you can't get by a car or a plane, only by yacht.
14 spots
Every day we spend the night in a new place. Fjord or small rocky island with couple fishermen huts .
Price includes berth on the yacht, skipper service, final cleaning.
Thats how our adventure might look for a spaceman.
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Extra spends:
- flight.
- ravel spends (food, fuel, port fees, insurance, WiFi) — under 1200 €;
- charter company will keep 400 € of security deposit from every crew member. They will kindly return it once we check-out from the yacht.
- transfer to/from the airport.
We are always buying food and drinks and cook on the yacht.
We will lead you to the adventure.

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 12000 nm.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

Captain: Yegor.
In the sea: 40000 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: Planing navigation in advance.
Our fleet
Dehler Varianta 44 or similar
Length: 43.77 feet
Crew: 8 + captain
2 bathrooms
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why choose this adventure
Day 1
Capital of Lofoten.
After small fishermen towns and abandoned villages, local four and a half thousand of population will seem a pretty busy and crowded place.
We will visit the North Norway art center. Will take a look at the historical painting «Battle at the Trollfjorden».
Day 2
Fjord entrance is one hundred meters wide, and the walls of the rocks above us are eight hundred to one thousand meters tall.
We drop the anchor next to the waterfall and go to the top to take a picture of it.
Day 3
Do tree hundred villagers know about this place being the most picturesque in whole Norway? Surely tourists tell them about it every day. Glad we are on the yacht away from the crowd, and able to watch the mountain wall from the water.
Day 4
People still live in this village. The one on the south side of the island is abandoned for already seventy years.
This small island has too many points of interest.
We will go hiking to the top of the mountain to see the panoramic view of the mountain range and archipelago, will watch locals hunting eagles, will pet the rare puffin dog which has six toes. Also we will anchor next to an abandoned village to see houses which stand with no people for seventy years.
Day 5
Commune at the end of civilization. Group of artists settled around the old lighthouse. They are fishing, growing vegetables, meditating, discussing ecology and queer-theory. They are not opposed to the idea of us anchoring next to their island and going for a walk, discovering the other side of life at the very far and hidden place of our world.
Day 6
A town on an island along the Seven Sisters ridge. There are incredible mountain views. This is a Mecca for hiking enthusiasts. Locals live a quiet measured life. Every day they look at the calm landscapes and their houses, which are mirrored in the water. They go to 12th-century churches with grass on the roof. They go to other towns along thin long bridges with ropes. Sometimes it seems like everything happens in slow motion. But we just swim slowly to remember these places for a long time.
Day 7
At first, a church was built in these parts, then they made a farm, and now this is a town. There are only 5 people per square kilometer. And although there are few inhabitants, they are as one family. The locals still have the Viking spirit, especially when it comes to helping each other. In the area we will see the fjords and several capes. On the water we will look for an orca, suddenly it will swim nearby. Not far from Halsa we will see a majestic glacier that creeps to a mountain lake. The water here is so clear, that it seems that you can reach the bottom by hand.
Day 8
This is a port village in the Vikna archipelago. Small boats and large liners come here. There are few people here, and around dozens of red and yellow wooden houses by the water. All of Norway is the harmony of the past and the present. Therefore, we will see a large cable-stayed bridge between the islands and a small wooden bridge between neighbors in the village. In some places you can even find prehistoric mounds. Local grow peaches and apples in their gardens. And they go to work on salmon farms. Among the stone slopes and cliffs, in the valleys, live fertile fields.
Day 9
Here, the marina is very lively. Here comes a ship with tourists, but our neighbor on his boat floats to his brother in a neighboring city. Brønnøysund is spread on a narrow long peninsula. It is surrounded by islets and the Norwegian Sea. Water here is like a gradient — from azure to deep blue. The houses are on stilts, and between them are bridges to the neighbors. A local attraction is a granite mountain with a round hole in the middle. If we sail at sunset, the rays of the sun will illuminate our yacht like a spotlight. We will climb the mountain to see Vega — an island kingdom of 6,500 little islands.
Day 10
They say that here you can catch a 6-pound tuna. Check it out? This port is surrounded by plush gray mountains and occasionally fog. Around we can see only rocks and green grass. We will rise to the caves, from where we will look at the sea with its small islands in the distance. Nearby we will hear the noise of a mountain river, which tends to the sea and flows into it. And when we will come down, we find a secluded wild beach with fishermen houses and inverted rusty boats.
Day 11
A small village in the marina. Large breakwaters protect the sea-parking and the village. Here above the water there are multi-colored wooden houses. And in the sea on the island, there is a bright red guard lighthouse. The village stands on a plain with green fields. Around Uthaug, far away, live massive mountains with white tops.
Days 12–13
In ancient times, Trondheim was the capital of Norway. And now it is a city where innovation lives in harmony with history. Installations, Gothic cathedrals, elevators for bicycles, fortresses and houses of the 18th century. Viking spirits graciously greet us at the marina.
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