Something you should know about our planet:
Agriculture is in the air.
If we take a close look at European territory, it surprises us with how hard it is actually to find even a square kilometer that is not used to grow on it something we could eat.While making all the screenshots, and going from one country to another, from the west to the east, from the south to the north, I had one question: if all the territory that could be used for agriculture is already taken, how do we keep growing our population? Are we going to learn how to digest bitcoin within the next generation?
We can't eat rock and forest.
Picture changes as we move to the north. Agriculture is not too popular here. I think the weather is too tough, and of course it is hard to grow anything in the fjord, right? But not only wheat gets in trouble with surviving here, human is also not too often to meet. No fields, no cities, just rocks, forest, ice, and wind... That is actually what I heard from Norwegian yachties, we have met on Gran Canaria last year.
North africa
Please tell NASA, there is some dead and endless and empty place different then space.
There is literally nothing. You keep scrolling the map, and there is the same picture for a while. Just nothing on it. Not even a road. North Africa is a huge territory of nothing. Of course there IS something, but looks like what you see on screenshots I have made, is no more than 1% of whole picture.
Central africa
"Central Africa is a new fashion capital of the world!" — said no one ever.
You see those giant circles on the ground? No way this is an UFO landing zone. This is cotton fields. Or at least I believe so. So Central Africa happens to dress all the rest of the world. I have seen in one movie that only USA competes with African cotton industry. Also, unlike the North part, everything is green and jucy in this part of the continent. There are lots of hidden small towns in the middle of the jungle. Who are those people? What are they doing there. I have doubts they have internet coverage there, so most likely I wouldn't find them on Facebook.
south africa
"Yellow is a new green".
Green colors, that mostly cover Central Africa, change to yellow on the South part. Same picture we faced while watched North Africa, so you would expect the life, industry, and agriculture to also be underrepresented here, but this is not true. The land is covered by a lot of agricultural and mining signs. Also cotton circles are very popular here.