FLEETit is going TO the Maldives
Maldives Birthday Party
for Cassie Betts
There are 20 from 20 places still available
I do not often turn 40, but when I do, I do it in the Maldives
Cassie Betts
CEO of our LA Fashion beast, DISTRICT2.co
It's time to start planning the
dream adventure
The Maldives seem to a be a perfect choice for anything dreamy. They are always sunny. The water there is absurdly clear. And the unique ecosystem with corals, whale sharks, and manta rays is the epitome of paradise.

Just imagine yourself on a sailing boat that enters a narrow reef corridor into the atoll, and you spend all day having the time of your life. The atoll is private and only yours, and the sun is bright, and the sand is white.

We are going to snorkel in the wild, and, yes, take some pretty pictures along the way. While keeping in mind that the rare species that inhabit these islands deserve our support and respect .
adventure dates
March 10–17, 2018
We pack ourselves into three sailing catamarans, and begin our atoll story!
We will sail our yacht around the most spectacular corners of Maldives.
8 islands
We pack ourselves into three sailing catamarans, and begin our atoll story!
20 places for rent
The price includes yacht charter, skipper service, fuel. Per crew member.
8 days
We will sail our yacht around the most spectacular corners of Maldives.
16 stops
Exploring the unique ecosystem with corals, whale sharks, manta rays.
The price includes yacht charter, shkipper and the perfect clear waters of Maldives. Per crew member.
the map
Here is how our trip route looks like for some one who might look at us from the very top of the world.
March 10
March 10
The start of our tour
We pack ourselves and all our stuff into three sailing catamarans, and begin our atoll story!
March 10-14
March 10-14
Discovering Maldives
Snorkeling on reefs, diving with manta rays, fishing, exploring the islands with absolutely no human population on them, sailing beautiful artificial atolls.
March 15
March 15
Birthday party for Cassie Betts!
The birthday festivities will take place in a spot known for the whale sharks living here, and we are hoping for a historical encounter with a few of these gorgeous creatures. Our activities will help us to get closer to these rare species, making sure to respect their environment.
March 16-17
March 16-17
Continue our paradise cruise
Discovering more atolls, snorkeling, sailing, swimming.
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What does it COST:
In addition you'll need to pay for:
- Flight to Maldivies. The price depends on where are you flying from. Check "Skyscanner" or "Onetwotrip" apps to get the quote;
- general travel expenses (food, diesel, stops, cleaning etc.) – $ 300-400;
- upon check-in to the yacht the $400 security deposit is being kept by charter company. They return deposit upon check-out from the yacht.
If you can't imagine your sailing trip without a cocktail we recommend you to bring some additional cash for alcohol.
To make sure it is easier for you to afford the trip we created a page where you just swipe your credit card, and we charge $200 per month, till your participation is payed. You like the idea?
Book to pay $350 per month for 6 months
The ones who are going to share the adventure!
Meet your captain: Nikolay
Do you remember the feeling of coming home after a long time away? Nikolay had this feeling in June 2015 sailing into the open sea for the very first time. True story. He was born a sea spirit but raised as a land shark. He had to find out the switch up eventually.

And so like mother's cooking, the call of the waves has taken him to the Aegean, to the Andaman and the Mediterranean seas. His first solo sailing trip was to Thailand, and it still ranks among his favorites. He continues to explore avidly and after 14 completed trips his former instructors at Yacht Travel refer to him as "one the most ambitious up-and-coming captains around".

Being a generous type, Nikolay loves to share the glory of his adventures with others: family, friends and strangers alike. Especially, helping complete newcomers to open the door to Narnia of sea travel. Environmental consciousness is at the heart of his philosophy to keep the ocean clean and its ecosystems healthy. So he dedicates a lot of effort to build his trips mindful of the environment.

In 2017 Nikolay has already made plans to explore new seas. He is adding Norway, Caribbean, Maldives and Canary Islands to the list of his upcoming destinations.
Length: 37,5 feet
Crew: 8 + captain
4 cabins

Comfortable and high-performance, for moments of pure pleasure... Featuring exceptional comfort on board, a timeless design, effortless performance, and safety at sea.
Why choose this adventure?
Look at our detailed plan
Let's Rock & Roll
Day 1
Hulhumale Lagoon
We board the yachts and begin our journey around the atoll. Warning: this week may change your life forever.
Banana reef
We will stop here for snorkeling. It's a prime spot to watch the manta rays. Sounds perfect.
Atoll lagoon. Let's spend the first night here.
Day 2
Rasdhoo Lagoon
After 4 hours of sailing, and some snorkeling, we will explore the local atoll culture. It's a real atoll town with your average Maldivians living in it. Sounds perfect to enjoy some local food and drinks.
Day 3
Genburugau Kandu
Stopping by for more snorkeling. Let's get as much time underwater as we can. This trip is all about it.
How about lunch on the reef? Literally.
Lagoon of Fesdhoo
Will anchor and spend the night in this atoll lagoon. Right next door to all the luxury resorts.
Day 4
The place looks like a real paradise. Lets stop by for swimming and drinks:)
We are going to explore another atoll island and get in touch with the wild sea nature. More snorkeling and relaxing on the beach.
Exploring the atoll island. Getting in touch with wild atoll nature. Snorkel and relax on the beach.
Day 5
Colorful reefs. Snorkel as much as you can. We'll have a launch at this beautiful island.
Will spend the night on the local island.
Day 6
Here is just the place to celebrate Cassie's birthday. Cassie, guess what you will do for your birthday party this year? Yes, snorkeling with whale sharks on a Maldives atoll. We will party all day, and spend the night here.
Day 7
Rihiveli Huraa
After a 7-hours sail, swimming and snorkeling with manta rays.
Spending the night on this local island. We'll have a good opportunity to explore the local culture.
Day 8
This our last atoll island before disembarkation. Let's say bye to Maldives.
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What our friends say:
Definitely one of the best things that occurred to me ever! 7 days of fun and pleasure non-stop,new friends, great tan, fabulous memories.
Alyona Gaevskaya
My sailing trip with Nikolay was the best yachting experience yet. On his boat, you're not just a passenger, but a part of the crew, which allows you to learn lots about yachting. He also listens to the ideas and preferences of the entire group regarding the route and masterfully sails the boat. :)
Diana Eugenes
Environmental Professional
Sailing on a yacht around the Greek islands is one of the best experiences ever. And I'm convinced that our trip was so successful particularly because we had Nikolay as our captain. Under his guidance, I gained invaluable experience as a sailor and literally learned the ropes of yacht rigging.
Highly recommend!
Eugene Mashnyanko
Designer at Kiselev
Two weeks on the yacht are the ones I will never forget. It is the best way to find out a lot about yourself and the world. Unfortunately I can't join guys this winter, but I'm looking forward for an August trip to Norway.

And it is the best way to propose to your girlfriend, which I did!
Viktor Ershov
Software engineer at Ciklum
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