FleetiT sails to iceland
Chapter «Sea way».
Quiet, calm, clean, cold, honest, clear.

See Iceland from the sea. Go through the sea way as vikings did one thousand years ago.

Welcome on board.
July 6 13, 2019
Begin in Reykjavik. Go to the north where the fjord is. Watch puffins and whales.
7 days on the yacht
We will explore the west coast of Iceland. Its capital and villages. Whales and puffins. Fjords and wild islands.
7 spots
Every day we will stop in a new place.
Includes berth on the yacht, captain, final cleaning.
This is how our adventure might look for the spaceman.
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€2900 after 1st of March, 2019.
- flight.
- travel spends (food, fuel, marina fees, cleaning) – about 1000 €;
- charter company will keep 400 € per person deposit while we are using the yacht. They will kindly pay it back once we return the yacht.
We always buy products in the onshore supermarket. Also there are a lot of tavernas with local products.
We will lead you to the adventure!

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 7500 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

Our fleet
Bavaria 50 | 2010
Length: 50 feet
Crew: 10 + captain
3 bathroom

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why choose this adventure
Day 1
Meeting at the capital of an elf island. Buying food and water.
First sailing trip will take ten or more hours, so we better leave tonight, in order to be near the mountain by early morning.
Day 2
Will get to the mountain by the sunrise. Entering the narrow fishermen port, which is even not on the map. Docking to the fishing boat – there won't be any space by the pier. Yachties and tourists are not usual crowd here.
Walking the volcanic shore. looking at the mountain the way vikings did when landed this beach.
Walking to the mountain, watching volcanic views. It is time to leave to the sea again.
Day 3
Docking to the floating pier. This place is way more comfortable for yachts, and there is whole town on the shore.
Most of civilization in Iceland look this way – town of a couple thousands people, two churches, three hotels, planet mars landscape panorama around.
When finish docking look around. Town is locates at the bottom of the mountain that reminds of Arizona dessert landscapes.
Walk to the waterfalls, find small horses, watch the local life. We can also go to a swimming pool, which is very popular in Iceland.
Day 4
Volcanic lava shapes six sided cylinders while hardening – like bees cells. Earthquakes, storms, winds, rains, cold and heat – ruin the shore line, which shows us its structure. Pillars of six edges are fifty meters tall. On top of it – regular type of island with grass sheep and lighthouse.
Sailing twenty miles and docking our yacht next to giant pillars.
Having dinner in local taverna.
Visiting Norwegian House, volcano museum and supermarket.
Locals mostly spend time by brining tourists to small islands and showing them puffing, whales and other local animals. We have our own yacht, so no reason for joining a tourists group.
Day 5
Going north. Navigating between rocks and small islands. Meeting seals and some birds species. In about five miles we get to the island full of clumsy little birds. Big orange beak, big head, small wings. Are they even able to fly?
Anchoring and going to the shore to meet penguin-like birds. Walking through their land up to the lighthouse.
In Iceland they build weird churches. This one is seen from the sea.
Classy Icelandic small town with swimming pool, supermarket, and weird architecture.
Day 6
Sixty more miles under the sail. It will take ten or more hours. On the western cape we meet a rusty ship wreck. It fits very well into the Icelandic panorama. I think that is exactly how our planet will be looking like in twenty years after we leave to the mars.
The old light house on the southern cape is a must to visit place.
Day 7
Akranes is located at the entrance to the fjord. Hvalfjörður – whale fjord. We visit it before going to Reykjavik marina.
After legendary yacht week we have a lot to discuss in local taverna. This is a view from it by the way.
Day 8
This is our check-out day. Time to leave to the airport.
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