FLEETit sails to Thailand
Ko Chang archipelago.
"As of this writing there is a total of 20 yachts frequenting the area so you can be sure that there will be no jostling for moorings, often times you'll have your anchorage all to yourself, a yacht entering a bay is still something that people take photo's of and fishing boats still stand and wave as you pass by." The quote from one of charter companies websites.

Honestly, I am writing this on 18 th of January 2018. Why? Why do I plan New Years celebration once there is still almost a year before it!? I tell you why: this is going to be LEGENDARY celebration.

The Ko Chang archipelago is chosen for such an activity not by a random. This is the place where we would have as much freedom as we need, and be all to ourselves with only nature, sea, and jungle make a company to us.

So here is the plan:
1. We charter the biggest vessel available.
2. Research all archipelago islands.
3. Celebrate New year deep in the jungle, or by the waterfall, or on the white sand beach. Or all three options together.
4. After we done with sailing, let's go to Cambodia for some more adventures.

Welcome onboard, sailors!
adventure dates
December 28, 2018 – 7 January, 2019
We meet in Bangkok, and let the adventure begin.
Ko Chang - Ko Kud
We start at the north of archipelago, Ko Chang, and sail down south through Ko Wai, Ko Kradai, Ko Mak, Ko Rang, all the way to Ko Kud. After visiting legendary waterfall we sail back north to Ko Chang.
7 Thai islands
We will spend time on 7 Thailand islands. They are made of jungle, white sand beaches, waterfalls, fishermen villages, and endless walks under the palms.
20 berths on board
We would like to see our friends on board. Book a berth, and bring your friend for an adventure.
10 days
The sailing part of the trip will take 10 days. I suggest we go to Cambodia after Ko Chang archipelago, but can't really estimate how long it will take. And who knows, maybe it even will be Vietnam or Laos)
10 stops
Every day we sail, and every night we drop the anchor in order to watch the coolest moon from the quitest natural harbor you can imagine.
The price includes yacht charter, skipper work and fuel. Per crew member. The price is given for 10 days of a sailing part of the trip.
the map
Here is how our trip route looks like for some one who might look at us from the very top of the world.
Let's Chat
How much does it cost:
It turns into €3000 after September 1st 2018
What included in price:
- Yacht rental;
- Skipper;
- Fuel;
- Perfect mood.
What are your additional expenses:
- Food, drinks and other entertainment. I expect it to be around 400 euros per person for 10 days of a sailing part of the trip.
- Flight to where everything happens. The price depends on where are you flying from and to. Check "Skyscanner" or "Onetwotrip" apps to get the quote. You should fly to Bangkok.
- Also there is a security deposit required for such chartered trips. It is 500 euros per crew member. It is being refunded upon check out from the yacht.
- The land part of the trip to Cambodia is not included in the trip price. It will last for one more week, and take around 500 euros more.
The ones who are going to share the adventure!

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 7500 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

Our Fleet
Lagoon 400 | 2003
Length: 40 feet
Crew: 8 + captain
2 bathrooms
Why choose this adventure?
Look at our detailed plan
Let's Rock & Roll
Day 1
Ko Chang | Salak Phet.
The main thing we should keep in mind when thinking of this island: 85% of its territory is given a Marine park status. The biggest sign of civilized life here are fishing villages with a small local style ports.
On our first day here we should do some shopping in order to have food and drinks for at least 4-5 days. I always suggest to have extra products in case we wouldn't meet proper stores within next week.
If we come early enough, after we done with check-in and shopping, we can leave the charter base same day, and make our first party happen anchored somewhere next to the paradise like beach, or sail straight to Bang Bao.
Day 2
Ko Chang | Bang Bao.
Today we wake up not too early because of our first night party. It is not about drinking alcohol a lot, or doing crazy things, this all is more about dancing on the sunset, with a pure nature all around you... If we not next to Bang Bao yet, then we sail there, it will take about 40 minutes.
This place is marked as the main point of interest on the island, and also regarding the map — this is where all the western beaches start from.
We will have a short walk around local pier, then choose the beach to spend rest of the day and night at.

Day 3
Ko Ngam.
This one is located right next to Ko Chang. Locals sometimes call it "Mini Phi Phi" because of its shape and natural beauty.
Lets spend another day exploring the shore part of it, and snorkeling around its reefs.
Day 4
Ko Rang.
Island Ko Rang is located about two hours south west from Ko Ngam. Lets spend this two hours fishing, because there would not be any kind of restaurant on the island. The fish, and other products that we bring, will be cooked on a white sand beach, under palms and other jungle trees, with barbecue, that we also bring on our yacht.
This spot is the main diving and snorkeling place for archipelago, so maybe we even spend more than one day here.
Days 5-6
Ko Mak.
Island is about one hour to the east of Ko Rang. Unlike our previous two stops, here we will meet more signs of civilization. Do some shopping, hopefully refill fresh water tanks. Also get ready for some extremely spicy Thai food in local restaurants.
The most convenient way to explore the island — riding bikes. Lets spend whole day with this truly asian way of time spending.
The second day here we will go for a lot of snorkeling and squid fishing. One more cooking day:)
Day 7-8
Ko Kut.
And here is the top one. The cherry on the cake. The gem of whole trip. The most southern point of east Thailand. The location of the island made it unpopular for backpackers and leisure tourists from abroad, so it became a quite resort area for wealthy Thai people, and for those who were lucky enough to cruise here on the yacht.
Our first day here we will drop the anchor next to Captains Hook Resort, which is located on a postcard looking beach. From here we will have an access to the restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and waterfall. Not far from here is a small island, with some old times Chinese politician house. This sightseeing point date back to King Rama 5. So basically it is old enough not to have even photos of its being just built.
Our second say we will do something special. My idea is to drop the anchor in the delta of a small river to the south from Captains Hook, and take our dinghy up the stream all the way to the waterfall. Doesn't it sound like an adventure?)
Day 9
Ko Wai.
On our way back to Ko Chang we meet this one. Beautiful island will let us to have some rest on its beautiful bays before getting off our sailing part of the trip tomorrow.
Day 10
Ko Chang.
Today we will have to check out from the yacht, and continue our trip to some other place. My suggest is to go to Cambodia for one more week.