FleetiT in Norway
Northern fjords and Lofoten.
«It is so cold in the polar circle that tradition and history had been frozen till now days».

Northern Norway.

There are no more viking boats in the fjords, whalers and fishermen are not the richest people anymore. But we will sail same routes, eat same cod fish, drink at the same port tavernas.

While we will be sailing from the north to the south, from fjords to Lofoten mountains, sun will set and rise only seven times in fourteen days.

Will spend the night in the deep of the fjord, find abandoned village of bird-hunters, see old whaling factories, fish and cook cod fish.

Will find the island where the whaling community leftovers are trying to save their culture from extinction. On the other side of the archipelago we drop the anchor where group of artists are developing modern ecological and sociological theories.
July 19 2 August, 2019
Starting in Tromsø. Through the Northern fjords sailing to the south to Lofoten islands.
14 days on the yacht
Going through the north-west coast of Norway. Will discover northern towns and fishermen villages. Whales and puffins. Fjords and abandoned islands, places where you can't get by a car or a plane, only by yacht.
14 spots
Every day we spend the night in a new place. Fjord or small rocky island with couple fishermen huts .
Price includes berth on the yacht, skipper service, final cleaning.
Thats how our adventure might look for a spaceman.
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Extra spends:
- flight.
- ravel spends (food, fuel, port fees, insurance, WiFi) — under 1200 €;
- charter company will keep 400 € of security deposit from every crew member. They will kindly return it once we check-out from the yacht.
- transfer to/from the airport.
We are always buying food and drinks and cook on the yacht.
We will lead you to the adventure.

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 7500 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

Our fleet
Bavaria 51 | 2010
Length: 51 feet
Crew: 9 + captain
Tree bath

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why choose this adventure
Day 1
People live here since the last ice age. Only fjords surrounding the city are older.
We will leave the plane in the polar circle, check into the yacht, and start our journey to the south through the fjords to Lofoten islands.
Before we begin our northern adventure, will do provision shopping and sightseeing around the northern capital.
Of course we all want to escape civilization and run into the norther wilds as soon as possible. Two hours to the south-west from Tromsø there is a small island with a wooden pier. Spending the night there will be much more calm — we will hear the silence of the north..
Day 2
This village takes whole island in the middle of the fjord. Recently they have built a bridge here, so yacht is not the only way of getting to the village now.
After 4-5 hours sailing we enter the fjord and dock at the village like ancient sailors did.
At this time of the year sun does not hide behind the horizon so we have plenty of time to discover the fjord views. Of course we shouldn't forget to have some sleep.
Day 3
Material of these rocks — three billion years old. It formed earlier than fish species, which we will eat in local restaurant, and even earlier than shrimp, which fish eats, and earlier than plankton, which shrimp eats .
The sunset is still three days away.
Day 4
Under the fjord bridge we finish our longest sailing trip. We spend about twelve hours sailing to get to this jammed in the narrow fjord town.
Comparing to last two villages this is a busy city. Besides our usual town business like buying products and fresh water, we will also watch midnight sun from the giant bridge.
Day 5
Fjord entrance is one hundred meters wide, and the walls of the rocks above us are eight hundred to one thousand meters tall.
We drop the anchor next to the waterfall and go to the top to take a picture of it.
Day 6
Do tree hundred villagers know about this place being the most picturesque in whole Norway? Surely tourists tell them about it every day. Glad we are on the yacht away from the crowd, and able to watch the mountain wall from the water.
Day 7
People still live in this village. The one on the south side of the island is abandoned for already seventy years.
This small island has too many points of interest.
We will go hiking to the top of the mountain to see the panoramic view of the mountain range and archipelago, will watch locals hunting eagles, will pet the rare puffin dog which has six toes. Also we will anchor next to an abandoned village to see houses which stand with no people for seventy years.
Day 8
Commune at the end of civilization. Group of artists settled around the old lighthouse. They are fishing, growing vegetables, meditating, discussing ecology and queer-theory. They are not opposed to the idea of us anchoring next to their island and going for a walk, discovering the other side of life at the very far and hidden place of our world.
Day 9
Comparing to other towns in the northern Norway — this is megapolis. Fifty thousand people live here. Night life is happening during the day, because the sun is hidden for only one hour. There are seventeen national parks around this town, we will have to choose which ones to visit this time.
There are two mountain ranges on the background of all things happening here.
Local guides also promise a good fishing.
Day 10
Northerners have thrown their trading empire net onto the half of the globe. On the line crossings they have placed trading posts. Now some of those who survived till now days are standing as a monuments to the vikings investment of development of the modern civilization.
Docking at the old wooden pier as ancient traders did. Walking on the streets between houses with a grass on the roof.
Day 11
Old church standing in the tall grass. Background is made of tall mountains, and you can hear close Atlantic surf. Only couple seasonal villagers live here, but most likely that we won't meet them.
We also won't make noise. Quietly walk to the mountains and old architecture treasure.
Day 12
Elven landscapes attracted not fantasy books lovers but true businessmen. In 1690 family of rich Norwegians, Schøning, founded a real trading center here. The infrastructure for economy of whole gulf. Fishermen were brining their catch here to spread between wholesale buyers. After seven generations of running the trading post, industrial revolution had come to the game. Engines were installed to ships, from now they can cross the gulf without relying on the wind, and no need to stop by the trading center.
Now this is just a couple of scandinavian pretty houses on a small island with a mountains on the background..
Day 13
Whalers island. The only thing locals did — whaling. Now they make a fishing tours for tourists.
Island still have a dozen of operating whaling vessels. One hundred and fifty villagers are very depended on a whale meat market. They say that soon whalers will disappear and become a history. But there are still some, who think that they can save their traditional lifestyle.
Let's visit the place and figure out the actual order of things.
Day 14
Capital of Lofoten.
After small fishermen towns and abandoned villages, local four and a half thousand of population will seem a pretty busy and crowded place.
We will visit the North Norway art center. Will take a look at the historical painting «Battle at the Trollfjorden».
We will check-out from our yacht, and it is time to leave the Northern adventurous lands. As this is our last evening, let's have a party in local taverna.
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