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Packing The Essentials
(Warm Weather)
Sailing on a yacht differs from other types of vacations. It's not a camping trip, nor is it a cruise. Not sure what to pack? Here are some tips.
In order to enjoy the entire trip worry-free make sure to pack all of the essentials. The following is a veteran sailor's list of the important items to bring along.
The basic requirements are passport, money, health insurance. Of course.

When thinking of what to pack the choice is obvious - a duffle bag. Never a suitcase.
There is limited space on the yacht so wouldn't you rather leave it to the people, than the luggage? Once you unpack into all of the storage space available in your cabin, you can fold the duffle away and congratulate yourself on the decision well made. The rest of the crew will thank you too.

Addressing the shoe needs. Water shoes (remember about the sea urchins), light shoes to wear on board (Keds or something with a thin light sole that won't leave marks on the deck), as well as the shoes to go ashore (sneakers or sandals will do).
Here is a classic yacht bag. It's durable, capacious and waterproof.
Sailing brings you out into the sun. Which is gorgeous but also really strong when reflected off the water's surface. So beware of an almost instantaneous tan. To be prepared pack long sleeve t-shirts that protect your arms and upper body. And of course, the basics like sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen.

Pack your toiletries, although you'll find towels on board.

A personal first aid kit is a great idea. If you suffer from any kind of allergies do bring along antihistamines, or any other medication to keep the symptoms under control. It's important to keep in mind that a properly equipped hospital may be out of reach on some of the travel days.

Swimming suits, masks, and flippers — you'll be needing all of the above. Collapsible fishing rods are also a brilliant idea. The ocean around us will have supple fish so we can enjoy a delicious freshly caught meal!
Polarised sunglasses with sufficient UV protection are the best choice for sailing.
Jackets. You'll need them! And they should be windproof. Even during the pleasant temperatures of 22-25 C, it gets windy and cool on the water. A good jacket will keep you protected from the wind, the splashing water, as well as the sun. It will also keep you warm at night in a cozy cafe on the beach when the temperatures actually drop to a less comfortable degree.

Finally, keep in mind that you will be on a sailing boat, not a 200-metre cruiseliner. Sportswear is our style of choice for both the boat and the shore. Although in the best traditions of marine fashion bring along cotton shirts, light trousers, and hats. Do leave the heels at home.

Bring fishing rods. There is so much delicious fish waiting to be caught.