In case of something went wrong
Cancelation and refund
If something went really wrong, and for some reason you can not join the trip you have already payed for, we will make everything to refund you with maximum possible amount.
There are 3 different conditions and options for refund:
1. Something happened, and you realized you can not join the trip, and this information comes our way more than one month before the trip date. In this case we can refund you with 50 percent of the amount you have payed. The reason for it is that we are not getting anything back from charter companies in this case, and the only way we would be able not to have loses on our side, is to try to find some one to buy your berth within that one month left.
2. If you can not join the trip, and this happens less than one month before the trip dates come. In this case we are not able to make any amount of refund happen, we basically already payed all the money to charter companies, and there is no time left to find some one for your place.
3. If there is not enough people applied for a trip, and we have to cancel on our side, we provide a 100 percent refund. Make sure to ask manager if there is enough people signed up, so it is secure to buy plane tickets.