FLEETit sailing to greece
Saronic 43' race.
Our flight is landing in Athens. Forty minutes ride to the marina. Weather is warm but not too hot anymore. Leaving to the sea — first race. Swimming in a clean and abandoned lagoon — water is warm.

Docking in the quiet Greek port. Tourists already left — so nice to be here with no crowd. Whole town and even island is left for us.

Fresh wind in the morning — we start the race again. Sailing to the new victories and adventures.


Album from our previous Saronic Race of 2018: #saronic43race.
Album from the opening of the season: #ionian43race.
5 – 12 October, 2019
Meet in Athens, and let the adventure begin!
We start in Athens, and sail to the south where islands of Saronic gulf are.
6 islands
We will visit 6 islands. Every has its history and secrets. Every has what to show and to tell.
60 new friends
We are glad to see friends onboard. Book your berth and take your friend with you to join the real adventure!
8 days
The adventure will take a bit more than one week, but it will feel like the whole new life.
7 spots
We will drop the anchor at the coolest spots of Saronic islands
Price includes yacht rental and captains work, yacht cleaning. Price per crew member.
Thats how our adventure might look for a spaceman.
Will visit:
6 greek islands.
Legendary islands Hydra and Spetses!
Archeological sites of the Troya age.
Wild beaches and lagoons where we are all to ourselves.
Watch the sun setting over Peloponnes!
Text us:
690 after 1st July. €790 after 1st September.
Included in the price:
- Yacht rental;
- Skippers work;
- Yacht cleaning
- Ideal sea mood.
Additional expenses:
- Food, beverages and onshore entertainment. Around 250 euros per person.
- Flight to Athens. Price depends on where you are flying from. Take a look at "Skyscanner" or "Onetwotrip". Our yachts are located in Athens, we are waiting for you in marina before 16:00 13 th of October, 2018. It takes a forty minutes ride to get to marina from the airport.
- Security deposit is always kept during such charter trips. Charter company will keep 300 euros per person, and will kindly refund it once we check out from the yacht.
Our Captains
Ceo Fleetit
Racer. Editor of Spinnaker Magazine.
Fitness guru and sailing viking.
Furious racer.
Triatlon + sailing — wonderful mix.
Old school tall ship sailor.
The one who will judge the race.
Strategy brings the victory!
Grand Master.
WHy choose this adventure?
Let's Rock & Roll
Day 1
The place where democracy and philosophy were invented. Here we find trees, which gave people olives decades before Jesus started uniting half of the world with his ten rules. The greatest things in history started here, here we will start our race.
We meet in marina and leave to the sea. Will not spend the night in megapolis. We leave to the small port towns of Greek islands.
Here we will buy the best pistachios in whole Greece. Let's take a couple kilos per person — there is no way to get enough. Will go for a walk over ancient streets and dine with hospitable greeks. Tourists had already left to their countries and small towns are left fo us only.
We better go to bed early as tomorrow is the beginning of our race.
Day 2
Giving the first start. The fair wind brings us from port of Aegina to the eastern cape of Peloponnes. Swimming in the neighbour lagoon which is most likely abandoned. Now is time to go to Hydra — island of legends.
Through the narrow port mules walking on the cobbles. Bell on the tower will ring six times when we enter the harbour.
Cats will surround us, while we are eating in the local taverna.
Day 3
Island of Spetses is a place of legendary ancient greek beauty. Once we arrive and dock at the old harbor, it would be best to take scooter or quadrocycle and get ourselves for a round trip through islands sights. The best place for watching sunset is right on the other side of the old harbor, on the rocks under the old lighthouse.
Day 4
Harbor of unsettled island Dokos, is looking at the west. We will anchor here, barbecue onshore, and watch the quiet sunset.
Tomorrow is a new race..
Day 5
The day begins upon its sunrise, and we begin our new race. Most likely we will have to tack against the wind whole day. Good luck, sailors!
After entering narrow channel, we dock alongside near the taverna "Oasis". This restaurant is some kind of cult for any yachtsmen who is leaving Athens to the south.
To keep ourselves fit, we will make a long walk to the top of the town — white tower on the rock. The view from here shows us all the town, channel, and even the other side of the town.
Day 6
Here is the finish for our third race. No people live on this island. But some locals seem to be here, as there are voices sounding from the forrest upon our approach.
After week of victories, adventures and discoveries it is time to rest in a quite small greek town. Some beautiful tuna stake is served in local restaurant.
Day 7
Today we get back to the place where everything began a week before.
At night we can make a traditional running competition on the first olympic stadium.