FleetiT sailing to italy
Sicilian tuna hunt.
Sicilia is known for its tuna industry. According to paintings on the walls of ancient buildings and amphoras, people here are fishing for tuna since 4000 BC.
Now, 6000 years later, we are gathering nice fleet of modern catamarans, taking fishing instructors and even one chef to cook the catch.
The idea is to spend one week hunting tuna, around Sicily.
Adventure dates
April 27 4 May, 2019
Starting in Portorosa we are going east to Siracusa through the straight of Messina, to catch the biggest tuna in Ionian sea.
7 days sailing and fishing
The plan is to sail around Sicily island and catch the biggest tuna we can.
6 spots
While sailing around Sicily, we will stop in 6 different places to spend the night and celebrate the catch.
The price includes yacht charter, fishing license, fishing gear, skippers work, towels and bed linens. Per crew member.
the map
Here is how our sailing trip route looks like for some one who might look at us from the very top of the world.
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How much does it cost:
€ 2290 after 1 st March.
* — price for one berth on Lagoon 45. For accommodation on Saba 50 the price increase is +€300.
Whats included:
- fishing license;
- skippers work;
- fishing gear;
- yacht rental;
- towels and bed linens.
In addition you'll need to pay for:
- flight to Sicily;
- food and drinks, onshore entertainment, port fees, fuel for yachts. Take around 500 – 700 euros with you, it will cover all additional expenses;
- upon check-in to the yacht the 700 euros security deposit is being kept by the charter company. They will return the deposit upon the check-out.
The ones who are going to share the adventure!

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 9500 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

Captain: Stepan.
In the sea: 7400 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: Discovering new lands and cultures.

Captain: Yegor.
In the sea: 6200 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: Can not live without the sea.
Our Fleet
Saba 50
Length: 50 feet
Crew: 8 + captain + cook
Lagoon 450
Length: 45 feet
Crew: 8 + captain + cook
Bali 4.5
Length: 45 feet
Crew: 8 + captain + cook
Why choose this ADVENTURE?
Look at our detailed plan
Let's Rock & Roll
Days 1–4
Portorosa - Catania - Siracusa.
First half of the week we focus on fishing. Waking up with the sun, and going to the port when it is already dark. Big catch sometimes requires big dedication. Once we catch enough, fleet goes to the picturesque harbor, where the cook will happen.
Days 5–7
Messina - Lipary - Portorosa.
Once the catch is done — we are on our way back to Portorosa. Over three days we will stop in ports of legendary cities, cook the catch, celebrate our lucky fishing.
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