FleetiT sailing to thailand
Jungle tradition.
A historical trip. Whole Fleetit story began here, in Andaman sea. That was my first sailing as a captain.
Now the sailing route, is extended to ten days. It gives us an opportunity to see all the treasures of archipelago.
After we done with sailing, transfer takes us to Khao Sok jungle. This is one more thing to be amazed about. Spending here couple days before a night bus to Bangkok. You might be interested to look at photos from out past trip here: link1, link2, link3.

Welcome on board, adventurers!
Adventure dates
16 30 November, 2019
Starting in Phuket we sail to the James Bond island and onward to the rest of the adventure.
14 days sailing
А yacht trip around the most beautiful corners of Thailand and Malaysia.
12 locations
Starting in Phuket we sail to the James Bond island and onward to adventure. Sailing south all the way to Langkawi.
The price includes yacht charter, shkippers work, cleaning, towels and bed linens. Per crew member.
the map
Here is how our trip route looks like for some one who might look at us from the very top of the world.
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How much does it cost:
2800 from 1 st of May. €3100 from 1 st of July.
In addition you'll need to pay for:
- the flight, ~700 euros;
- general travel expenses (food, diesel, stops, cleaning etc.) – less than 500 euros per week;
- upon check-in to the yacht the 500 euros security deposit is being kept by the charter company. They will return the deposit upon the check-out.
We strongly recommend you bring some additional cash for all your recreational activities. Thailand is a rather cheap country, but note that liquor is expensive.
The ones who are going to share the adventure!

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 9000 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

Our Fleet
Lagoon 400 | 2014
Length: 40 feet
Crew: 8 + captain
4 bathrooms
Lipari 41 | 2010
Length: 40 feet
Crew: 8 + captain
2 bathrooms
Why choose this ADVENTURE?
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Day 1
Phuket. Yacht Haven Marina.
We begin here. We pack our bags onto the yacht, get our food and drink provisions on the island, and get ready to start the journey. We can throw the welcome party right here in the marina, but honestly we would recommend spending the night further away from the civilization. For instance, being surrounded by the bioluminecsent plankton and virgin jungle :)
Ko Na Khae. Anchorage.
If we decide to leave on the first night, here is a nice anchorage where we can spend the following night. You are going to love the plankton that makes the water glow around the boat. As well as the wild beaches to the east that make for a fun adventure during the night.
The James Bond Island.
This is where everyone comes for their pictures. We will do our best to reach the spot early in the morning to avoid the tourist crowds attaking the place from every possible port around. And yes, one of the James Bond movies was actually filmed here.
Day 2
Koh Panyi. The Floating Village.
There is something we definitely must see on this day. It's the Floating Village. A single muslim family founded it a while ago, back in the days when you could own land in Thailand only if you were Thai. It has a cool narrow floating boardwalk with a busy market and many great places for lunch.
Ko Roi.
It may seem that there are many islands like this one around. But is it really a good enough reason to skip it? No way. There is actually something special about this tiny jungle island. It has two caves accessible only during the low tide that lead you to the wild hidden beaches.
Day 3
Ko Yao Noi.
The island with no particular defining features. We can spend a day here or so biking through the rubber fields, eating amazing local seafood, and taking in the real authentic local culture. Also, one small but very IMPORTANT point - keeping in mind that we are at sea - is water! This is the place for us to refill our tanks.
Ko Hong.
If I was one of those sceptical people (think Sheldon Cooper) I would say: Here is yet another super-duper beautiful Thai island. And you know, he may be partly right because there are so many freakingly gorgeous islands over here! But this one is famous as it manages to stand out for its beauty even among the most popular islands around.
Day 4
Krabi. Krabi River Marina.
Have you ever entered a river on a yacht? It's usually an adventure. And entering Krabi is a whole new level of adventure. As lateral buoys here don't really mean a thing you're navigating on your own, which is gives you a moment of awakening. Once docked, we are going to explore the old city. It is a great opportunity to take a break from the activities and the partying. Time to get some massages. And refill our water tanks.
Day 5
Ko Phi Phi Don. The Breaking Bad Island :)
Here we go. Everyone must have heard the stories about the Phi Phi Islands. Is there a single one you would like to tell your kids? I didn't think so. And there is a reason for that - it is a wild island. And we mean wild. It's the party central. The place to break bad. You get the point. To quote someone we've met on the beach here: "... Guys, you gotta be drunk by nine. Trust me, you wanna be drunk by nine..". That is basically it :) Also it's another opportunity to fill up the water tanks.
Day 6
Ko Phi Phi Lee. Maya Bay.
Hey, it's yet another movie island on our way. This time it's from the movie The Beach. We will aim to be there as early as possible in order to avoid all the tourists. They come here not only for the cinematic fame, but also for the whitest sand you've seen in your entire life. Note, you should keep all your gadgets along with personal belongings as far away as possible from the local population - the monkeys. They are pretty mean here.
Day 7
Koh Khai Nai. Chock Dee Restaurant.
What will you find here? Not too much, but exactly what you want. This island is a rock in the middle of the sea with a restaurant perched on it. We'll be mooring right in front of it and are going to take a dinghy to reach the shore. Then an especially tough guy will park it for us. The restaurant may seem overpriced, but the service and location worth it. Considering the fact that a waiter will bring us a frozen towel as soon as we step onto the beach.. It's the only place where we've seen that kind of service, and believe us, it will be very much needed.
Day 8
Ko Racha.
While having a meal in Chock Dee Restaurant, we met local captain. This guy told us we do everything wrong. Where we should definitely go – Ko Racha. This island located south-west from Phuket. We entered lagoon an hour before sunset. After binding our yacht to the buoy we found out what a beautiful place we happened to be at. White sand beach. Almost no tourists. Some of the beaches where all to ourselves. Honestly, I would call this place a paradise for the ones who like to spend time in silence. After the moon rise, I realized I can see the sea bottom under our yacht in the moon light.
Day 9
Promptep Cape.
This place on the south of Phuket will show you one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.
Days 10-13
Khao Sok.
Leaving the yacht on Phuket, getting on a bus and taking ourselves to Khao Sok. This is the National Park of Thailand. We will live in the middle of the jungle, travel around the lake, get down into the caves, have Thai massages :) It will be nice just to chill and relax at the end of our trip.
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