fleetit sails to italy
Umbria Toscana.
Available 4 from 5 double cabins.
No more hungry travel!

New way of exploring – gastro tour. Let's try new adventure methods in Italy. Learn wine production methods in region of Umbria. Go hunting for black truffle. Explore Toscana archipelago. Lunch next to the shore of legendary Montecristo island. Also this is the place for the best mozzarella I have ever tried!

Welcome on board!
June 6 16, 2018
Starting in Rome. Wine and truffle hunting in region of Umbria. Exploring Toscana archipelago.
10 days in Italy
Ten days in two regions of Italy. Umbria welcomes us with wines and truffles of worlds fame. Toscana will show us the beauty of Italian island culture.
3 gastrodays
Far away from touristic crowded places, we will spend three days tasting famous wines and rare black truffle.
7 days on the yacht
Explore Toscana archipelago, lunch next to legendary Montecristo island. If lucky enough with weather, we even visit Corsica island.
Price includes: place on the yacht, captain service, bed sheets and towels, airport to hotel transfer, winery visiting and truffle hunting, hotel accommodation in double rooms , sightseeing transfers, transfer to marina and check-in to the yacht, marina fees, fuel.
Our trip might look this way for spaceman.
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- flight.
- travel spends (food, insurance, wifi, yacht cleaning) – under 500 €;
- charter company will keep 400 € per person deposit while we are using the yacht. They will kindly pay it back once we return the yacht.
- transfer from Follonica to the airport.
We always buy products in the onshore supermarket. Also there are a lot of tavernas with local products. And of course wines!
We will lead you to adventure.

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 7500 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

"Captain" on the land: Anna.
2 years in wine and organizing tours..
Essential in travel: cabin neighbors and all those people who making our tour fully of impressions - winemakers, farmers, chefs...

Hotel geek and founder at Easy Hotel Guide.

Our fleet
Hanse 505 | 2017
Length: 51 feet (15 m)
Crew: 8 + captain
Three-four bathroom.
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Why to choose this adventure?
Day 1
City of legends. This time we need it for its large airport and nice infrastructure. Landing, taking the van, driving to Umbria!
Just in 170 kilometers from Rome – Perugia province. Checking into the hotel, having nice Italian dinner, walking for a quite sightseeing. We should definitely mind local aqueduct which is eighty meters tall and two hundred meters long.
Day 2
Spoleto | Truffle.
In ten kilometers from the town is the place for hunt. Local family is already over hundred and fifty years in truffle production. They had kindly agreed to welcome us as their guests and show all the secrets of hunt and production. And, of course, we will have a snack from a fresh local truffle.
After forest walk and truffle tasting it is time to leave to Montefalco commune. Dinner and hotel checkin. Here we will start our way of exploring local world famous wineries.
Day 3
Montefalco | Paolo Bea.
Son of a legendary wine producer will bring us to the place where all the process happening. He will explain the philosophy of biodynamics. 100% clear wine, with no supplements. An approach to agriculture which is totally in line with natural biorythmes. Producers who follow this methods are choosing the time for processes according to the moon calendar, and even attracting particular birds species who it those bugs who damage the vine at particular time.
Besides theory and sightseeing we of course will get to the point of tasting.
Montefalco | Arnaldo Caprai.
After lunch we are heading to the estate of Arnaldo Caprai. Owners will give us an excursion over their vineyards and production. After all they will give us picnic baskets full of local food and wine, vineyard map and we will make our way to picnic.
As we are done with eating and drinking it is time to move to our hotel. Also we should buy local wine and olive oil for our yacht voyage.
Day 4
In the afternoon we are coming to commune Follonica. This is time to leave our van and check in to the yacht. Toscana archipelago adventure is waiting for us.
Check in to the yacht. Dinner in local taverna, evening sightseeing walk. We better go to bed early as tomorrow is our first sailing trip to archipelago.
Day 5
Porto Azzurro.
After four hours of sailing we arrive to a classy Toscana archipelago harbor. Old fortress will make our program for tonight.
Day 6
Porto Giglio.
A bit more of sailing today. Six to eight hours. It all depends on weather.
Tower, castle, virgin mediterranean nature. That's how we spend the rest of the day.
Day 7
Four hours of sailing, and we are near the legendary island. The novel of its name was written about the guy who was jailed on another island. But this is the one that inspired the author.
This Montecristo is famous for its ecosystem. That is exactly why we wouldn't be able to land here. But there is no any prohibition for us to haver a nice lunch next to the island.
Marina di Campo.
By the night we are getting back to the Elba island. Nice dinner and night town walk. After whole day in the sea, it will be great to feel the land under our feet again.
Day 8
The best view here is from the top of the mountain. In case we get to lazy for hiking, there is still something to take a look at in the town. We should at least make it to the fort of San Giorgio.
Day 9
A bit of sailing, and we are on Elba again. This time from the north side. A very beautiful small town is located here. We should hurry up to take a look at the forts of Medici and Falcone. Also here is location of summer residence for Napoleon.
Day 10
Getting back to where everything has begun. We have an opportunity to go for more of the sightseeing and pack our bags. Tomorrow we check out from the yacht, and heading to Rome for our flight back home. It is time to get ready for a new adventures!
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