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Xplore: Norway expedition.
What is it like to sail on a real research vessel to the places which are kin to be explored and discovered. How does it feel if not just to watch on tv about scientists and adventurers, who live an amazing life but to be the one.

Xplore yacht had been through 14 years of hydrographic research voyages. She went from arctic polar circle to antarctic on a regular basis. She found issues and fixed them, delivered important data to ecology and hydrometeorology scientists, travelers and sailors.

Now her mission has changed: she will show the world of abandoned and hidden corners of our planet to us. Will bring us to where the nature rules, where we are just guests. She will teach us how it is important to keep our planet clean and to save this beauty for our kids and future generations.

During this season we will discover Norway. Start in spring, and sail till autumn. From west fjords, to Lofoten archipelago and farther north to Tromsø. We will finish the discovery of Norway on the very northern point: Spitsbergen.

Norway season of our expedition will last for four months, and 3300 nautical miles. To make it easy for everyone to join it is divided into 12 chapters which are one or two weeks long. Each starts and ends at the point of easy access to the transportation.

If you are a real adventurer this expedition is for you. Schedule vacation, take camera, take some waterproof and worm cloth, and join us onboard of a real research vessel in Norway.

April 27 7 September, 2019
Expedition is made of 12 chapters. Each chapter is 1 – 2 weeks long. We begin in west fjords around Bergen, and finish on Spitsbergen archipelago
Thats how our adventure might look for a spaceman.
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Expedition chapters:
Expedition is made of 12 chapters, choose the ones to join:
We will lead you to the adventure.

Captain: Nikolay.
In the sea: 31 country || 7500 nautical miles.
Essential in travel: adventures, find things that are not on the map or in travel guides.

Entrepreneur. Founder at Fleetit.

«I travel and I know things».

Our fleet
Challenge 67 | Xplore
Length: 67 feet
Crew: 12 + captain
Two baths

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