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Hello friends,

What have you heard about sea turtles Caretta Caretta? Not too much I guess. I tell you what, they seem magnificent. They are huge, up to 2 meters long, and 450 kilos of weight. They live longer than any human. And I don't have the exact facts, but I bet they inspired the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES cartoons.

That all sounds nice and fun, but, unfortunately, there are some less exciting facts to mention: the population of sea turtles is decreasing every year due to human activity. Mostly because of irresponsible fishing.

So I have planned this trip with an idea in mind - to learn more about the ways to preserve such species as Caretta Caretta. So it won't be just a relaxing tanning and swimming trip. We are going to sail over 170 nm in just the first 2 days to join local volunteers during the turtle nesting season. We'll help them in helping the turtles. Only then will we enjoy some well-deserved snorkeling and will hike the beautiful Greek islands.

It's the work hard and play harder attitude.
adventure dates
May 27 – June 3, 2017
We meet in Athens, and let the adventure begin.
7 days
We will sail our yacht around the most spectacular corners of Greece.
7 stops
Starting in Athens, through Corinth canal heading to Zakintos, where the turtles are.
The price includes yacht charter, food, corinth canal fee and other onboard expenses. Per crew member.
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The ones who are going to share the adventure!
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What does it COST:
What included in price:
- Yacht rental;
- Diesel;
- Skipper;
- Perfect mood.
Additional Expences:
- Flight to Athens. The price depends on where you fly from. Check "Skyscanner" or "Onetwotrip" to get the quote;
- General travel expenses (food, diesel, stops, cleaning etc.) – 150 euros;
- Security deposit of 400 euros upon the check-in onto the yacht. The charter company returns this deposit upon the check-out from the yacht.
- Also, if you can't imagine your sailing trip without a cocktail we recommend you to bring some additional cash for alcohol.
The ones who are going to share the adventure!
Meet your captain: Nikolay
Do you remember the feeling of coming home after a long time away? Nikolay had this feeling in June 2015 sailing into the open sea for the very first time. True story. He was born a sea spirit but raised as a land shark. He had to find out the switch up eventually.

And so like mother's cooking, the call of the waves has taken him to the Aegean, to the Andaman and the Mediterranean seas. His first solo sailing trip was to Thailand, and it still ranks among his favorites. He continues to explore avidly and after 14 completed trips his former instructors at Yacht Travel refer to him as "one the most ambitious up-and-coming captains around".

Being a generous type, Nikolay loves to share the glory of his adventures with others: family, friends and strangers alike. Especially, helping complete newcomers to open the door to Narnia of sea travel. Environmental consciousness is at the heart of his philosophy to keep the ocean clean and its ecosystems healthy. So he dedicates a lot of effort to build his trips mindful of the environment.

In 2017 Nikolay has already made plans to explore new seas. He is adding Norway, Caribbean, Maldives and Canary Islands to the list of his upcoming destinations.
Bavaria 36 2013
Length: 37.40 feet
Crew: 6 + captain
3 cabins
1 bathroom

The Bavaria 36 Cruiser is definitely a popular family cruiser. She offers a good compromise between size and capacity. This particular one has been equipped from new with the deep lead keel, giving her better sea keeping qualities.
Seating arrangement
The lives of two mob hit men, a boxer, a gangster's wife, and a pair of diner bandits intertwine in four tales of violence and redemption.
2 | Nikolay
1 | Marta
1 | Igi
3 | Djoanna
2 | Dima
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Day 1
Getting our yacht from the charter company. Buying goods for the trip. We should be all set around 5 pm. I suggest going to bed shortly after and wake up around 3 am in order to start heading to the Corinth canal. We are going to head South - Southwest, and the wind will most likely blow in the same direction.
Day 2
If we start at 3 am and the weather is conducive, then we should arrive at our destination by 4-5 pm. We will probably welcome a change of pace by then to stand on some solid ground. So after getting a car rental, we will head to the ancient city of Delphi. The point of interest is not far from the city of Itea to the Northeast. We can explore the local ruins until the late evening. Once we are back on the boat, and the skipper gets enough sleep, we will sail further. They wake up call will probably happen early again around 4-5 am. It will depend on how much we celebrate during dinner.
Day 3-4
Finally, we get to Zakintos. After completing some modest 100 nm of sailing in one day. Just for your information, it is a lot for one day. We'll anchor here and have some rest. Next day, early in the morning (around 2 am) we will head out to look for Caretta Caretta sea turtles. We can spend 2 days here exploring the reefs and studying these 2-metre giants.
Day 5
Navagio Lagoon
After all the scientific explorations, we head to this stunning lagoon for some well-deserved rest. This lagoon is surrounded with walls of white vertical rock, white sand beaches, blue water, and a ship wreck just off the coast. It's a perfect place to swim, take some pictures, and enjoy this paradise.
It is Wednesday. We are on Kefalonia. The paradise continues. There is a local spirit worth trying. As well as a couple of nice caves and beaches. I suggest we spend the whole day and night here until noon next day.
Day 6
We get here on Thursday around 4 pm. This town is really small and does not seem like a big attraction. It has only 3 restaurants. But the real treasure of this place and the reason we found ourselves here is what is located on the top of the mountain. You must have heard of Odysseus. Well, his house is supposedly right here. We will spend the night here, greet the sunrise, and get ready for take off for Lefkas in the morning.
Day 7
Let's get to our port of destination before it gets dark. This place is pretty busy and offers a lot of nightlife. We can easily entertain ourselves here for the rest of the holiday. The checkout from the boat is at 9 am in the morning. Afterward, we are going to get on a 5-hour bus to Athens. Till we meet again.
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